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Inadequate service delivery online shop owners are not confident

Ecommerce development led to the emergence of transport services, but according to a survey recently published Bizweb, service delivery is not currently online shop owners trusted by many shortcomings.

According to a survey conducted in early 2016 on the 2000 host of the online shop platform Bizweb online sales, only 48% of enterprises using the services of shipping companies transport, much lower than the figure another mode of transport is the train car sent (77%), service delivery (75%) and self-delivery (72%).

About why the shop owner was reluctant to use the service delivery is due to shipping procedures of service delivery rather cumbersome, easy to generate confusion. Although companies have compensation regime but not always get a refund, or if there is also very difficult.

Besides, a number of shipping units collecting money transfers slow to affect the turnaround of the business capital, the consignee is not much point to not convenient. If the shipper to pick up goods in person, the time of receipt of goods is also very limited, limited time frames and certain hours of the day should not take the initiative to communicate with the self-assigned stores.

While the delivery services as VNPOST, Viettel Post, DHL ... with the network of post offices across the country to each commune, the delivery service is not "covered" extensively in the provinces which primarily set centered in large cities.

So, for the online shop in the province or provincial orders to go, shop owners are forced to use other delivery services such as sending ships and service delivery vehicles. In contrast, the shop has a line of urban regular service and delivery are also not suitable option for them.

The reason is that if you compare the cost of service delivery, it will cost much more than hiring delivery staff with the same amount of shares.

According to the e-commerce world to do, though not yet online shop owners appreciate but can not deny the value of transportation services that bring business online community. Especially when using the service, shop owners no longer have to worry about shipping fee fraud as those who specialize in air travel. But for the business owner, online store owners ready for this kind of service utilities, delivery units need more drastic improvements in service quality, enhance reputation.

Notably, the current to bring utilities to the shop owners, some sales platform was integrated with transport services, allowing shop owners can both webmasters, manage orders, just follow route tracking and delivery costs on the same platform, creating a seamless when trading.

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